A mixture of modern and traditional distilling techniques, our spirits have lots of taste and character that you can consistantly count on

Beer, Cider, Wine

 Labatt Blue Light - $6

Switchback - $8

Heineken - $7

Guinness - $8

Red Barn Brewery's Iris IPA - $8

Woodchuck Amber Cider - $8

 Woodbridge Chardonnay - $9

Woodbridge Cabernet - $9

Woodbridge Merlot - $9

Tasting flight - 4 half ounce pours


($2.00 extra for Backwoods reserve, $3.00 extra for Vermont Vodka)

Non Alcohol

$5 each


Root Beer


Diet Coke


Iced Tea (unsweet)

Hot Tea

*Bottles and Merchandise Available for purchase inside


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

Prices do not include tax

Food Menu


Supa Spice

Soft Pretzels


Served with Honey Dijon mustard and spicy honey

Maki Rolls 

$15.00 each, 8 pieces per roll

Shrimp Cocktail

$1.00 each

You choose the number of shrimp served with cocktail sauce and a lemon

Dragon Roll

Tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, sushi sauce, spicy mayo, sesame seeds


Avacado Cucumber Roll

Fresh, perfectly rikpened avocado, & cucumber

Vegan Roll

Tofu, Cucumber, Avocado, Cabbage, Bell Pepper, Pickled Carrot, & Pickled Ginger

Beef Teriyaki Roll

Sesame teriyaki beef, pickled daikon, carrots, cucumber, sesame seeds

California Roll

Served with homemade

Supa Poke Bowl

Tempura Shrimp over white sushi rice. Topped with cucumber, green onion, pickled carrot, red cabbage, avocado, pickled daikon, sesame seeds, pickled ginger, spicy mayo, sushi sauce, radish, wasabi and seaweed salad. Vegetarian option substitue fried tofu.

Vietnamese Bowl of Chronic

SpicedLemongrass chicken, vermicelli rice noodles, lettuce,picked carrot slaw, fresh bean sprouts,red cabbage, mint, cilantro, green onions, cucumber, roasted peanuts, topped with fried veggie egg rolls and served with sides of sriracha hoisin sauce, lime, and supa spice sweet chiligarlic sauce

Vegetarian option substitute fried tofu

BBQ Bulgogi Bowl

Beef Teriyaki over white sushi rice. Topped with fresh mint, cilantro, cucumber, green onion, red cabbage, avocado, pickled daikon, sesame seeds sweet teriyaki sauce, radish. Vegetarian option substitue fried tofu. 

Charcuterie Board


Served with local meats, cheeses, and hard breads

Shrimp Cocktail

$1.00 each shrimp

Served with cocktail sauce and lemon over ice

Meal Bowls

$15.00 each

Salmon Fresh Roll

salmon, avocado, & cucumber