Duncan Holaday

Duncan Holaday is a true artist of distilling.  Mastermind behind Dunc's Idea Mill and the legacy of our rum products, he truely is a top spirit engineer.  Through his skill and passion he has transformed the art of craft distilling.  This page is in dedication of his continued amazing work and accomplishments. Duncan was the original pioneer for craft distilling in the state of Vermont and has been doing it for over 20 years now. He's the second person to recieve the American Distilling Insitute's (ADI) Lifetime Achievment Award. Along with his personal achievements, his maple, elderflower, and backwoods reserve rum all recieved silver medal's from ADI, and the backwoods and maple were also awarded Gold. To top that off, the elderflower and maple were also awarded bronze medals at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition. Duncan revolutionized the art of craft distilling in Vermont and everyone who has enjoyed a handcrafted Vermont spirit owes him a debt of gratitude.